Miami Hurricanes Are the Best Football Team in the Nation
Photo by Christina Mendenhall

Miami Hurricanes Are the Best Football Team in the Nation

If U didn't already know, now U know: The Miami Hurricanes are the best football team in the nation, and when the College Football Playoff Selection Committee releases its latest playoff rankings later this week, the Canes should occupy the top spot. No more doubts. No more excuses. The Canes are due some respect, and the bill is far overdue.

If last weekend's 28-10 business-like butt-kicking of then-13th-ranked Virginia Tech wasn't enough proof that it's time for the rest of the country to stop trashing the Canes' record, Saturday night's 41-8 shellacking of third-ranked Notre Dame should be enough to quiet the noise.

Challenged with two primetime games against nationally respected teams, the Hurricanes more than passed the test. In fact, the Canes have passed every test this season, all nine of them. Before the game even began Saturday, the Hurricanes clinched the ACC Coastal Division title, setting up their next test against Clemson in the ACC title game.

So to recap: Updated Power 5 team? Check. ACC title game? Check. Top 15 wins? Check, check.

Who has a better resumé than the Hurricanes now? Let's check on the contestants.

Wisconsin? Doubtful. The Badgers' best win came this week versus the 20th-ranked Iowa, and it wasn't exactly earth-shattering like the Canes' win over Notre Dame. Wisconsin lucked out this season by not having to play either Ohio State or Penn State. Miami has a better resumé by far.

Oklahoma? The Sooners lost to Iowa State, the fifth-ranked team in the Big 12. Baker Mayfield might be the Heisman winner, but the Sooners' defense is prone to give up 40 points a game to any squad that knows what it's doing. Miami has proven thus far to be the much more complete team.

Clemson? Stop. No team that lost to Syracuse should be in front of Miami in the polls at this point. Clemson barely beat Florida State this past Saturday. There is no argument to be made that Clemson deserves to be ranked ahead of Miami. The Tigers will get their shot at the Canes in a couple of weeks; until then, put some respect on UM's name.

Alabama? The Crimson Tide is an injury-riddled team, and the Canes have better wins. Those are the facts. All of those Alabama players who left for the NFL over the past decade aren't there now, so judge Bama on the team it is now: one that looks totally vulnerable and ripe for the beating.

What a difference a few weeks makes. It seemed just yesterday when the Hurricanes had no argument for being the number one team in the nation. Now? They should spend Thanksgiving occupying that real estate.

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