Under $2 Gas is Real and It's Sensational

Riptide was preparing to cross the Alligator Alley this past Wednesday to go and visit the familia in a horrible, horrible place known as Collier County. On the way we stopped to get gas somewhere way out in west Broward. We don't remember the name of the town - Weston? Miramar? Bumfuck? Baghdad? Lagado? Shelbyville? Duckburg? - one of those. Anyway, we pulled up to the shell station and realized gas was as low as $1.92! We didn't comprehend. Seriously, we were generally confused. So went to the man behind the counter and gave him a $20 bill.

Now, our car only has a 10 gallon tank, gas is $1.92, and we weren't bone dry, so yeah... we still had $1.50 in gas credit left when the pump stopped, but we didn't even care. No sir. We were still in disbeliefe over the fact that the price started with a one.

Experts say we shouldn' get used to this relatively cheap gas, but what do they know? A lot of 'em in congress sure seemed to think we'd never have cheap gas again if we didn't drill, baby, drill. Yet here we are. Though, no one should use this as an excuse to buy that Hummer they've had their eye on. With things the way they are, in a couple months we could throw that same $20 bill at the cashier and be lucky to get a gallon and a half.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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