Alonzo Mourning Helped Ben Carson With Miami Dog-and-Pony Show
Gage Skidmore / C. Stiles

Alonzo Mourning Helped Ben Carson With Miami Dog-and-Pony Show

Donald Trump’s one black friend, Ben Carson, visited Miami yesterday to tour public housing projects with two other African-Americans: Rep. Frederica Wilson and Miami Heat executive Alonzo Mourning. The highlight of the HUD secretary’s day came when he and six other federal bureaucrats got stuck in an elevator in an Overtown apartment building developed by Mourning’s nonprofit company with $21.5 million in taxpayer subsidies and loans.

Carson, a former brain surgeon who ran against Trump in the Republican primary, was in town for a dog-and-pony show that was supposed to show that his boss actually cares about poor black people. Yet the White House plans to slash $6 billion from HUD’s budget in 2018.

Carson is the worst pick in Trump’s cabinet. He’s tone-deaf and brain-dead and probably a member of the Boule, a secret society of Uncle Toms founded in Philadelphia. The good doctor, who owns a house in Palm Beach not too far from his boss' Mar-a-Lago resort, has no freaking clue about affordable housing.

Alonzo Mourning Helped Ben Carson With Miami Dog-and-Pony Show
Illustration by Alex Izaguirre

And who does he link up with in Miami? Other African-Americans who have done nothing to help the black community.

Mourning is the founder of the Overtown Youth Center, which reaps hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Miami-Dade Children’s Trust every year while community-based groups that have been helping kids for more than a quarter-century go unfunded. The former Heat center will also have a youth center at the new Liberty Square public housing complex being developed by the Related Group. I wish someone would ship Mourning back to D.C. or Virginia so he would stop robbing taxpayer dollars from Miami’s black community.

Wilson is no better. She was missing in action during the contentious battle between Related and another affordable-housing development company for the rights to redevelop Liberty Square, the county’s oldest housing projects, also known as the Pork 'n' Beans. And during the presidential race, I never heard Wilson — supposedly a diehard Democrat — say anything bad about Trump. Now she’s rubbing elbows with his token black cabinet pick.

These black people are a disgrace.

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