UMiami Study: Heavy Drinkers Work Out Harder Than Non-Drinkers

You really want that six pack? Maybe you should down a six pack every night. According to a new University of Miami study, people who report heavy drinking habits work out harder than moderate drinkers and non-drinkers. This also might explain why the University of Miami gym is so damned packed all the time.

Two researches from UM's Department of Sociology reviewed self-reports from 230,000 participants on their drinking and exercise habits.

The study found that on average heavy drinkers worked out ten minutes more than moderate drinkers, and 20 minutes more than non-drinkers.

Non-drinkers were also slightly more likely than drinkers to report not having participated in any vigorous activity in the past 30 days.

Woman who drank 45 or more drinks in the past 30 days were considered heavy drinkers. Those who drank less than 15 were considered light drinkers. Those in between were moderate drinkers. Male heavy drinkers drank 76 or more drinks in more than a month. Light male drinkers drank less 29.

According to Psych Central, the authors offered a few theories as to why this so. People who participate in group sports may often go out and drink together after their game. Drinkers may also be exercising more to burn off those extra booze calories.

The authors aren't actually suggesting that you go out and drink more if you want to find the motivation to spend a few extra minutes in the gym, but unlike studies that have linked smoking to greater incidences of other unhealthy behavior, such correlations may not be as strong with alcohol.

[via The Awl]

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