UM Student Arrested With Toy Guns Was Using Them for a Film Project

We don't know if you've ever had the pleasure of watching University of Miami student films, but a heck of a lot of them use guns (it's almost like The Office's Michael Scott in improv class). As a graduate of UM's famed motion pictures program, I remember some classmates spending more time finding the perfect prop gun than on things like, say, plot, dialogue, characters, overall quality, and that kind of thing. 

The student who caused a ruckus on the school's Coral Gables campus yesterday apparently wins the award for most realistic weapon props ever: The fake guns he was using for a film project put the school on lockdown. 
A concerned passerby called police, and the Coral Gables Police Department quickly dispatched officers with assault riffles and apprehended the student as he was entering a dining hall. 

The incident echoes another case earlier this week in Long Island. A small independent film was shooting a heist scene in a convenience store when police burst in and almost shot the actor.

Let's just hope the University of Miami doesn't end up banning the use of gun props in student films. What are all the wannabe Tarantinos going to do then? Make movies with actual plots? 

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