UM Cancels Drunk Bus

I'm not going to say all University of Miami students are bratty, entitled douche bags with serious alcohol problems and little respect for anyone but themselves. I mean, I went there after all (well, I don't have an alcohol problem), but there's no denying a certain portion of them are. Sadly, that portion will be out of the Ibis Ride, known on campus as the drunk bus, a service that shuttles students in between campus and Coconut Grove on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Here's the official statement from the Dean of Students office via The Miami Hurricane:

"The Dean of Students Office issued this decision after receiving

reports of serious violations of rules both on and around Ibis Ride

shuttles to the Grove including disrespectful treatment of drivers and

monitors, grossly intoxicated students, students getting sick on the

shuttles, mob scenes at pick up and drop off points, insistence on

boarding the shuttles without Cane Cards and sneaking non-students onto

the shuttles."

Basically they were puking all over the place and ignoring the basic protocols of human decency. Of course, there's two possible bad outcomes from this: We'll either see a huge spike in alcohol related car crashes involving UM students or a bunch of Coconut Grove bars will loose a significant part of their weekend business. 

The service will be discontinued for at least the remainder of the semester, but may return in the Fall. Considering the service usually ends before finals anyway, students will only miss out on about three weeks of their beloved drunk bus. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.