UM and FIU Could Renew Football Rivalry

Sure, last time we tried this, it ended in an epic on-field brawl. But the University of Miami and Florida International University are prepared to let bygones be bygones and are in talks about scheduling another football game.

The Hurricanes and the Golden Panthers first played each other in 2006, but all of that heated hometown pride ended in a bench-clearing brawl that was an embarrassment to both schools.

Though the schools played their scheduled 2007 game without incident, they decided to call off any future matchups.

Now, according to the Miami Herald, both universities are publicly discussing the possibility of restarting the erstwhile rivalry. Interestingly, the schools haven't played each other in any sport since 2010, and matches could also be scheduled in other sports as well.

"Our hope would be we are able to work something out," UM athletic director Blake James told the paper. "We would play one game at Sun Life for sure and then explore opportunities for other potential games."

FIU athletic director Pete Garcia said that while he doesn't think FIU Stadium is large enough to host a game against UM, he would be interested in hosting the game in a neutral location such as Marlins Park.

The matchup always made sense on paper: Hometown rivalry! No real travel for the "away" team! FIU players would get to play in Sun Life Stadium!

While actually making no sense whatsoever, historically it wouldn't be much of a competitive game. There are many FIU students who are at least somewhat loyal to the Hurricanes.

The 2006 match ended with the Hurricanes blowing out the Panthers 35-0. The Hurricanes won the 2007 game 23-9.

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