Tyrone Moss Denies He Talked to Yahoo! Sports

Charles Robinson got a few sources beyond Nevin Shapiro to go on the record for his Hurricanes humdinger, and now the only former Cane who spoke on the record denies he was even interviewed. Robinson stands behind his story. He says he even has the recordings to prove it.

Moss, a running back who never made it to the big leagues, is quoted in the story confirming he was given $1,000 by Shapiro and entertained on the convicted Ponzi schemer's yacht. He also says Shapiro tried to recruit players to sign with Axcess Sports, an agency he co-owned.

"I never did a story,'' Moss told the Miami Herald. "I never admitted to receiving $1,000 from anyone. I've never taken no phone call from anyone. I have not talked to anyone directly. I don't know how this story got out about me, but it was a shame that I wake up and see all this negative publicity about me.

"I don't know where they got those quotes from... I never met him.''

Moss claims that despite having a young son while in college, his parents both worked good jobs and he didn't need the money.

Yet when the Herald contacted Yahoo! Sports, the paper was provided with an audio recording of the quotes attributed in the story.

Two things could have happened here. Either Robinson fudged up big time and was speaking to someone who sure sounded a hell of a lot like Moss on the phone. Or perhaps Moss faced a lot of ire from his former teammates and fans after talking for the story, and has decided to simply deny he ever did. I vote for the latter.

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