Tyler Hadley Killed Parents With a Hammer So He Could Throw a Facebook Party, Police Say

As long as parents have been putting a stop to house parties, teenagers have been finding ways to throw them anyway. But if police are right about Tyler Hadley, never before has a thwarted kegger led to this kind of horrific solution.

Port St. Lucie cops this morning say the 17-year-old brutally murdered his mom and dad with a hammer a few hours before hosting a wild party advertised on Facebook. While 50 or so friends got drunk downstairs, Hadley's parents' bloody corpses lie hidden under a comforter in the master bedroom.

Police say Tyler might have murdered Mary Jo and Blake Hadley in a rage when they refused to let him host a party Saturday. Around 1:30 that afternoon, he posted a Facebook note inviting friends over to drink.

But his parents "wouldn't let him throw a party," a friend tells WOKV, a local news station.

Sometime after the invite went out, Hadley killed Mary Jo, who was 47, and then 54-year-old Blake with hammer blows to the head, detectives say. Hadley's friends showed up a few hours later for the party.

Neighbors called police around 2:30 a.m. because of the noise, but it wasn't until a tip came in the next day about the murders that detectives returned to search the house.

They found Tyler "nervous and panicky" and the house strewn with plastic beer cups and garbage, they said. And when they opened a locked master bedroom, they found the elder Hadleys' bodies under a pile of sheets, "books, files, and towels," police say, with a bloody hammer between them.

They arrested Hadley, who had recently dropped out of high school and faced a civil lawsuit after injuring a child while driving, according to the Daily Mail. He'll likely be charged as an adult.

Hot on the heels of the Casey Anthony trial, the case is not helping Florida's reputation as America's prime exporter of soul-crushing crime. Newspapers from London to Mumbai have picked up the Hadley story this morning, and Facebook pages decrying the homicide are amassing followers.

On one Facebook group, a young European man named Deividas Cirvinskij probably sums up the world's feelings with a question posed to a neighbor of Hadley's: "Florida is Scary town?" Cirvinskij asks.

Yes, Deividas. Florida is Scary town.

Check out video of Hadley's first court appearance over at our sister blog, the Pulp.

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