Two out of Three Floridian Tenth Graders Can't Read This Blog

Apparently, only 1 out of every 3 of Florida's 10th graders are able to read at a 10th grade level. Which is pretty sad but apparently it's nothing new. CBS4 reports that since 2001, FCAT scores seem show that the highest number of 10th graders who can read at the expected level is 38%. 

Out of curiosity, we were wondering if this information precluded high schoolers from reading Riptide. So we found this handy calculator and ran the past 10 posts through it. Only two came in under the 10th grade level: Magic City Kitty and the Tigers post. Those came in at a score of 9.89 and 9.87 respectfully. Meaning that most 10th graders still can't fully comprehend them, theoretically. Most of our posts require at least a high school degree. 

Though, we have to question the reliability of this calculator. Our Miami Social post scored a 16.28, putting it on the same wordy level of Atlantic Monthly

As for the test results. First off all, this whole FCAT thing doesn't really seem to be working, does it? Second of all, can you parents please take it into your own hands and make sure your kids can read (assuming you, yourself, can read). Obviously, the schools can't do it, and we need the readers for this blog. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder