Trina Is Not Dating Dez Bryant, FYI

Dez Bryant was on the receiving end of Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland's "was your mom a whore?" blunder. Trina, Miami's greatest lady rapper, has certainly been called things a lot worse than a whore. (She is not. She is a million-dollar girl. For sure.) However, despite recent rumors, the two are not hooking up. At least according to an official statement from Trina.

"The allegations of such relationship with NFL player Dez Bryant, holds no truth in any way. I met Mr. Bryant at Club Flow after performing for my fans and supporters. As a form of admiration and respect, I agreed to take a picture with him. Although, he seems like a wonderful individual upon our first introduction of one another this night, I just want to confirm that 'Trina and Dez Bryant' are not dating in any way."

Gotta love how Trina takes any opportunity to release an official statement. Remember when she said she was kinda, maybe, thinking about adopting a Haitian orphan?

Anyway, here's Trina latest single "White Girl" featuring Flo Rida. Hopefully actual white girls won't get beaten up for listening to it.

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