Trick Daddy and Sam Shields Come Out For Luther Campbell

Tonight, Miami rap star Trick Daddy and NFL Superbowl champion Sam Shields are showing their support for Luther Campbell's campaign for Miami-Dade mayor. The duo is hosting a fundraiser for Uncle Luke at Coimbra Restaurant located at 4329 W Flagler St. The event goes from 7 to 9 p.m. This is not one of those $500-a-plate dinners you'd come to expect from the other candidates in the race.

Luke's campaign is about the people, so if you have only five bucks in your pocket, that's more than enough to buy into his message to bring Miami-Dade County together.

Campbell supporters can also catch our candidate tomorrow night at Eve Nightclub for a campaign rally hosted by The Notorious Nastie. That event kicks off at 10 p.m. featuring local hip-hop acts YMF and LLamabeats Crew performing covers of 2 Live Crew songs and other Uncle Luke classics. Madame Turk, creator of the popular UncleLuke4Mayor.com t-shirts, will be handing out a special mixtape dedicated to the people's candidate, as well as other goodies.

With only two weeks left before the May 24 election and early voting underway, Campbell has been working non-stop to get his message out. He's been pounding the pavement from north to south Miami-Dade rallying all county residents -- Cubans, Haitians, African Americans, Puerto Ricans, Nicaraguans, Martians -- to bring real change to the 29th floor at County Hall.

So come have some fun tonight and tomorrow and meet our next mayor. Also, don't forget to punch 17 at the ballot.

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