Transformers 3 to Shoot in Miami?

Michael Bay never met a hacky CGI explosion he didn't like, but God bless him, he's practically the patron saint of bringing big-time productions to Miami. The director of the Bad Boys movies and coproducer of the upcoming Cocaine Cowboys series is reportedly set to film scenes for the upcoming Transformers 3 in Miami.

That's according to Jeff Peel, director of the county's Office of Film and Entertainment, anyway. In a story in Miami Today about an upcoming rise in film productions in Miami thanks to the legislature passing more favorable tax incentives, Peel drops that Transformers 3 might be filmed partially in the 305.

"I do know Transformers 3, which is the big Michael Bay follow-up, [is coming]," Peel tells the paper. "We've been scouting with those guys for a couple months."

Filming has already begun in the Los Angeles area, but Bay talked about scouting locations in Miami in February on his blog.

This will be the last film in the series, as well as the first Megan Fox-less Transformers.

Meanwhile, we're patiently awaiting Bay to begin work on his long-rumored "small movie" project based on a series of New Times stories. Will it ever happen?

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