Topless Florida Woman Leads Police On Sexiest Chase Ever

Ladies: If you want to surprise your boyfriend by popping into their house topless, by all means, don't let us stop you. There's a proper procedure to pulling off such a surprise, however, and that's to remove your upper garments in a hallway, on a front porch, or perhaps behind a strategically placed tree.

A less wise plan is to drive topless all the way to your boyfriend's house, and then to lead police on a chase through the neighborhood after they spot your indecent driving.

That's exactly what Mandy Ramsey did near Ocala, Florida, over the weekend, and she got to spend the night in jail on charges of fleeing police as a result.

The 35-year-old was topless and speeding on County Road 318 in Marion County on Saturday, The Gainesville Sun reports, when an officer tried to pull her over.

Apparently hit with the realization that getting pulled over while partially nude wasn't the best way to spend a Saturday, Ramsey tried to flee.

She weaved her way through a neighborhood, blew through a stop sign and eventually hit an oak tree before trying to stash her mangled car behind a mobile home.

When they caught Ramsey soon after, she admitted she didn't stop because she was topless and "on her way to surprise her boyfriend," the Sun reports.

Ramsey faces one count of fleeing a law enforcement officer and was held Saturday on $5,000 bond.

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