Topless Florida Woman Destroying McDonald's Caught on Video

Clearly, Florida is a not a safe place for fast-food restaurants. Someone doing something crazy in a burger joint in the Sunshine State is about as frequent as summer afternoon rain, yet a woman in St. Petersburg has made an entry into the canon that is bound to become legendary.

She somehow wound up in nothing but a thong inside a McDonald's and proceeded to literally tear the place apart. Naturally, security footage was posted online.

We really, really hope this isn't some elaborate Jimmy Kimmel hoax.

Uncensored security footage from the incident was posted on LiveLeak two days ago, apparently by employees who recorded it on their phones while laughing.

Notably, though, no Tampa Bay media seems to have gotten to the bottom of when or where the incident took place, nor what exactly happened.

On the other hand, there is some evidence that this might indeed be real:

1. It's unlikely McDonald's would agree to let one of its stores be used in such a prank.

2. This is Florida.

Update: Yes, it really happened. WFLA in Tampa reports the incident happened at a Pinellas Park McDonald's on March 24; the woman in the video is 41-year-old Sandra Suarez, who tested negative for drugs and alcohol and apparently was having a bipolar episode.

The McDonald's employees who uploaded the video have been fired, the station reports.

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