Top Ten New Times Covers of the Year

The peek out at you from practically every street corner in the city. They're sometimes the most talked about thing in town. They're our covers.

In a feature on our art director Pam Shavalier earlier this year, the Society of Publications Designers said that our "creative, highly-original set of covers, [created] a look that is as much the voice of Miami New Times as its editorial pages." Which pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Shavalier and assistant art director Alex Izaguirre are some of the best in the business. Hell, this year they even created a cover for our Art Basel issues that was more talked about than most of the fine art that hung on the walls. Not to mention the cover that got a Lingerie Football League player suspended. (Sorry about that.)

From "Super Blow" happy football hotties to a nightmarish portrait of Scott Storch, view this slide show of our ten favorite covers from the year. Any we forgot? Personally we think these two particular covers got snubbed:
It's OK though. They really enjoy being punished.

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Kyle Munzenrieder