Top Five Obscene Florida License Plates, Visualized For Your Pleasure

Thanks to the cackling eight-year-old child making poop jokes inside the minds of all Floridians, Riptide hit the mother lode last week. We made a Freedom of Information Act request for a list of all the objectionable personalized license plates reviewed by state officials in the last few years, and boy oh boy did you immature, sex-obsessed, puerile drivers come through.

In the next couple weeks we'll be releasing the full list of 2,000-plus obscene plates, organized by subject matter. (Look for the several dozen pimp-and-ho themed plates next week.) In the meantime, click through for illustrated versions of five of our favorites.

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Tim Elfrink is a former investigative reporter and managing editor for Miami New Times. He has won the George Polk Award and was a finalist for the Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting.
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