Tony Sparano Crowned Second Least Popular Coach Among NFL Players

Don't feel bad about not having much love for Dolphins coach Tony Sparano. NFL players don't like him much either.

The Sporting News polled 111 current players on which coach they'd least like to play for, and Sparano came in second, just one vote behind NY Giants coach Tom Coughlin.

Coughlin scored 22 votes, most likely because he's a known hard-ass. Sparano came in second with 21 votes. The problem with Sparano, unlike Couhglin, isn't so much that players are afraid of him, but that he's not winning.

"Tony Sparano. They're not winning, things aren't going very well down there," said Bears quarterback Tim Jennings. "It doesn't look like they can turn it around. It's just not a very good situation, not the kind of thing people like to be a part of."

Sparano's situation seems to be unique. Coughlin has a 6-2 record, and Bill Belichick comes in third with 15 votes despite having an illustrious career. Sparano stands out because, well, he sucks.

Other coaches in the midst of horrible seasons don't even have multiple votes. Neither Jim Caldwell, coach of the 0-9 Colts, nor Steve Spagnuolo, coach of the 1-7 Rams, makes the list.

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