Tip Drill Has Jaw Wired Shut, Plans to Retire From the Pole

The saga of Tip Drill, the King of Diamonds uber-stripper injured in a nasty stage fall, has taken a bittersweet turn. As she's chronicled on her Twitter feed, surgery to repair facial injuries went well. But when she's finally recovered, she says, she's walking away from the pole for good.

After getting the scoop from her best friend Skrawberry last week, we sent Tip Drill a slightly pathetic Tweet asking for an email interview but didn't get a reply. Luckily, Miami's best pole dancer/political pundit/rapper keeps her cyber-followers appraised with minute-to-minute updates.

An admirably upbeat Tip Drill says that she underwent successful surgery to repair a broken jaw and fractured cheekbones, and will have her jaw wired shut for six weeks. The important stuff:

Tip Drill apparently does not plan on stripping again:

We are picturing an echo-y press conference at King of Diamonds, where she announces that today, she considers herself the luckiest exotic dancer on the face of the earth.

Meanwhile, King of Diamonds stripper wrangler Disco Rick-- who is one of Riptide's favorite people-- was adorning dancers with "We ♥ Tip Drill" T-shirts. In Orlando, he worked to bring some strippers to the NBA All-Star festivities, announcing on his own Twitter feed:

Today @Disney Universal Studios I will take a pic with all the Disney characters with a KOD 'I LOVE TIPDRIL' t-shirt.

We hope to God that happened.

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Gus Garcia-Roberts