Three-Year-Old Florida Boy Brings 20 Grams of Pot to Preschool

A three-year-old boy in Jacksonville, Fl has been suspended from preschool for bringing 20 grams of marijuana to class and showing it to another student who then promptly ratted him out. That's definitely a whole new kind of show and tell.

The boy showed up with two small baggies full of pot, but no one is quite sure how he got them.

His mother denies that the pot is hers, and allowed police to search her home. They found no other drugs or paraphernalia. She suggested he may have gotten the drugs from the home of a friend he plays out. Police are also looking into the possibility he got his drugs from his father.

The child was suspended for the rest of the day, but no charges have been filed yet.

Back when we were three we don't think we even knew what marijuana was. (That baggie of stuff we repeatedly found in the desk drawer really was for rolling your own perfectly legal tobacco cigarettes, right mom and dad?)

[News4Jax: 3-Year-Old Caught With Pot In School via Gawker]

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Kyle Munzenrieder