Thomas Cypress Ordered to Pay $5 Million for DUI Crash That Killed Two Tourists

Thomas Cypress, the brother of Billy Cypress, the former chairman of the Miccosukee Indian Tribe, has been ordered by a civil court to pay $5 million for the deaths of Robert and Paulette Kirkpatrick. The elderly tourist couple was killed back in 2009 when Cypress hit their car with his truck. His blood alcohol level was over three times the legal limit, a case of Budweiser was found in the front seat, and his license had already been suspended for a previous DUI charge.

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Cypress plead guilty to the crime back in 2010. He's currently serving 12 years in jail. As part of his criminal sentencing he was already ordered to pay $142,000 to the couple's two surviving children.

"In terms of the great message and the greater good that can come from this, this is the portion of the trial that mattered the most to us," Stephen Kirkpatrick, the couple's son, said according to Local 10. "The more expensive, the greater the consequences for the rest of their life."

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Cypress's attorney claim that he doesn't have any money let alone $5 million, but the Kirkpatrick's attorney pointed out that Cypress was able to pay for a high-profile attorney to defend him.

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Kyle Munzenrieder