There's a Petition To Let Florida Secede From the Union

Love it or leave it.

It appears there are at least a few thousand Floridians out there who hate the United States of America so much in the wake of Obama's reelection that they want to pull Florida out of the Union.

WhiteHouse.gov has this neat feature where citizens can submit petitions. If they get a certain amount of signatures with in the allotted time the White House actually issues an official response.

Well, after Obama's reelection several petitions asking for the rights for states (including Florida) to secede have popped up.

Here's Florida's:


Peacefully grant the State of Florida to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government.

We the people of the great state of Florida, do see that in today's world the Federal Government has not led our citizens justly and with honor. We therefore as free men and women of our great state do believe that it is time to take matter upon ourselves to ensure our continued freedom, and to enact our own laws and here buy govern ourselves without the federal government's involvement in our internal matters from this day forward.

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin: 1775

At the moment, 6,354 people have signed the petition. Though, if you scroll down you'll see there are a lot of people not actually from Florida signing on.

Come on guys, that's sort of passive aggressive and rude. I mean, I'm sure these out-of-staters are signing this because they hate Obama or whatever, but it kind of comes off a little like, "Yeah, screw Florida. Let 'em leave."

For those real Floridians who actually signed this: Um, do you really want a President Rick Scott? Think about that, OK.

Anyway, if anyone wants to start a petition that would allow for South Florida to secede from the rest of the state, we'll totally sign that.

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