There's a Bullet Shortage, Get Ready for the Apocalypse

Just by taking office, Barack Obama has already stimulated one segment of the economy: firearms. Much ink has been spilled about gun enthusiasts stocking up in anticipation of Democrats passing stricter gun control laws. So much so that Florida gun dealers are now expecting a shortage of bullets.

The Orlando Sentinel story on the matter at least presents another angle to the gun craze: The poor economy increases fear of crime. But some of the quotes reveal a deeper reason.

"The survivalist in all of us comes out," said John Ritz, manager of

East Orange Shooting Sports in Winter Park. "It's more about protecting

what you have."

Meaning, we'll soon be living in a postapocalyptic world where we shoot each other for food and use the leftover entrails for warmth and human molars as currency. And those who fill their two-car garages wall to wall with boxes of ammo will be king.

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