There Was a Creepy Clown Statue Deep Inside Oleta River Park

The Internet is abuzz that the woods of Miami are infested by creepy clowns after a Redditor posted an image of an eerie decapitated joker supposedly just chilling out near a bike path in Oleta River State Park sometime last year.

The original poster, known as "poo_smudge," claims that it was a prank by a park employee and that the clown came from the Enchanted Forest haunted house in North Miami.

Of course, if there was a creepy clown sitting in this relatively well-visited urban park, we figured we would have heard about it by now.

So we did a little digging and could find onlytwo previous references to the clown. Both came from participants in the Coconut Cup Series Race in January 2012.

"After this was beautiful opening where you need to fly to get up our famous Oyster Ridge climb that consist of never ending bed of rocks and roots, going up and up and up with scary clown laughing at you at the top!" Beata D. Wronksa wrote on her blog. "I stood up and pushed, I fought those roots so hard; it was not the time that I was going to let the scary clown win."

"Of course, it does NOT help that gazing at you from the top of the very rooty and rocky intro climb is a 4ft tall CREEPIER than CREEPY clown holding his head (severed of course) over his shoulders," wrote another bike blogger, known as Duffy. "I am pretty much blaming the clown for my ultimate demise in the race."

So best we can tell, the clown was just placed there for the race.

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Kyle Munzenrieder