The U Invented Zen? Jim Larranaga Schools Hurricanes Basketball Team in the Ways of Deepak Chopra

The University of Miami football team has long tried to harness the ancient ways of "Swag" to lead them to success, but now the school's men's basketball team is trying to master the antithetical powers of Zen. Yes, first year coach Jim Larranaga has decided to go all Deepak Chopra, and is motivating his team with a few New Age theories in advance of the team's meeting with the storied North Carolina Tar Heels.

According to the Herald, Larranaga  dropped a few modified quotes from Chopra's Seven Spiritual Laws of Success on guards Malcolm Grant and Durand Scott yesterday. 

"Birds don't try to fly, they just fly. Fish don't try to swim, they just swim. Shooters don't try to shoot, they just shoot," he said, in what the Herald describes as a "thick Indian accent." That last sentence by the way was Larranaga's own addition.

"I told the guys that basketball is a game and supposed to be fun and when you put too much pressure on yourself and get all stressed out about winning and losing, you're really losing focus," Larranaga said. "What we should be doing is enjoying the process ... playing in the present. Yes, this game is big, but we won't get three Ws for a win, it's still just one."

Ah yes, Zen Master Larranaga. Teach us your ways. 

The 'Canes were on a bit of a hot streak, including a historic win against 5th ranked Duke in Chapel Hill, until they fell by five points to 17th ranked FSU on Saturday. Grant however has been in a bit of a personal slump, and has only shot 8 for 40 in the past four games. Shooters going to need to "just shoot" when the 7th ranked Tar Heels come to town tonight. 

If the 'Canes do pull off a win, we can only hope it leads to a new age of Dharma and Karma for the program. We're talking meditation sessions by the lake, yoga on the practice field, daily mantra chants, rebirthing exercises, sessions in isolation tanks, and the team coming out to Enya songs at home games. All while we imagine football players walking by, thinking "the fuck?" and putting their earbuds back in to continue to listen to "Swagga Like Us." 

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Kyle Munzenrieder