The U Goes Down With The Dirty

In Utopia, students would attend college to broaden their intellectual horizons and become more complete people. In reality, they go to ingest copious amounts of illegal substances and experiment with their sexuality.

No website illustrates that better than TheDirty.com. It's one of those web rags that popped up in the wake of Juicy Campus where students go to defame each other. Except on this site they're armed with pictures. The page came to prominence after it published pics of Cardinals quarterback playing beer pong and chewing off the face of a 19 year old co-ed.

It's been relatively well trafficked ever since (even more so than Juicy Campus), which isn't good news for The University of Miami. Today the site published these pictures of three girls they claim are UM students with three fat lines of yayo. http://www.thedirty.com/?cat=108

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Invasion of privacy? Perhaps, but don't these girls know the first rule of cocaine? Never get photographed with cocaine. God damn, even Lindsay Lohan could tell you that.

Of course, this isn't UM's only appearance on the site. The school is one of 27 nationally it's decided to single out for its own section.

They've also featured pics of football players at South Beach clubs, cheerleaders on the beach, and maybe the most entertaining - a group of UM girls posing with OJ Simpson.

They commentary on the pics is rarely funny, and usually sprinkled with a healthy dose of homophobia and misogyny, but it gets viewed. Which really must cause a headache for students and college administrators everywhere.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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