The Top 100 Twitter Users in Miami

Well, it happened. This weekend I got this email: "[Your Mom] is now following you on Twitter!" Along with that, and the major amounts of discussion about twitter during my Grandfather's 75th birthday dinner last night, Twitter has now officially jumped the shark. For me anyway. Knowing your mom read your tweets from the past two extended weekends of WMC and SXSW parties does that to you.

But before this personal milestone, I found a site that ranks twitter users in different cities by following. I will now look at those stats for Miami, and somehow analyze them in an enlightening way.

Number one is the twitter for OpenZine, a somewhat popular blogging platform head-quartered in Miami. Number two is one of OpenZine's founders, followed at third by Fatburger hissy fit thrower N.O.R.E. Number twelve, by the way, is the twitter of our former Calendar editor of Beauty Blogging queen Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik. The Herald comes in at 21 with 1,966 followers, and your Miami New Times comes in at 62.

Now time to try and pull out some analysis. Umm, well on its face is

kind of weird that a single beauty blogger or a tech entrepreneur can

have more twitter clout than a major metropolitan daily (and weekly for

that matter). But Twitters are more attractive to follow when they have

that personal touch, so it's no that weird. Give it time, and my Mom

might have more followers than 20th placed Carnival Cruises (seriously though, who the hell would follow a Cruise line on twitter?). 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.