The Ten Best Miami Sports Moments of 2015

Let's be honest: There won't be any books written about the past year in Miami sports. Big picture, 2015 was an undeniable donkey of a year for our teams. But that doesn't mean there weren't some spectacular, joy-filled moments sprinkled in with all the disappointment. Much like the $5 DVD bin at Walmart, there were some winners in there — you just have to jog your memory and pick out the good parts. 

Here are the ten best moments in 2015 Miami sports: 

10. February 19: The Heat acquires Goran Dragic from the Phoenix Suns

Acquiring Dragic from the Suns wasn't just a quality move for the franchise lacking point guard talent; it was the first major move for the Heat in the post-LeBron era. The trade showed that Pat Riley would still swing for the fences, and, as always, the Heat doesn't rebuild; it reloads. 

9. September 13: Brice McCain makes a ridiculous juggling one-handed interception

It started off so well for Brice McCain in a Miami Dolphins uniform. This interception in the team's season opener seemed like a sign the team had made a great free agent pickup, and might have a better defense than some had predicted. Nope. This happy moment stands almost completely alone in another Dolphins season of sadness. Brice McCain was terrible all season outside of this play, and the Dolphins are the same annual dumpster fire they've been since Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube. I'm not convinced those two things aren't related, actually.

8. March 20: Hassan Whiteside breakaway-steal-dunk-contest sequence 

By late last season, Heat fans had already become accustomed to Hassan Whiteside swatting basketballs into the stands, but this was not a thing they had ever witnessed. Whiteside steals the ball, shows off some handles, and throws down a dunk-contest worthy slam that made sure if you didn't know his name before, you knew it after this play. It's one helluva sight to see a seven-footer do this sort of thing, and it sticks out as one of the Heat's few highlights last season. 

7. June 30: Dee Gordon's inside-the-park homer

This play pretty much summed up what was the lone bright spot in another dreadful Miami Marlins season. Dee Gordon — who managed to win the stolen base crown and the batting title on a horrendous team — came to play everyday, and it was never more apparent on this inside-the-park home run against the Giants. 

6. June 25: Justise Winslow falls to the Heat's tenth overall selection in the 2015 NBA Draft

You know it's a bad year in sports for your city when one of the highlights involves the draft, but in this case it can't be ignored. The Heat weren't even sure they would have a pick in last years draft, much less be in the position to select 19-year-old Duke standout Justise Winslow. The turn of events put a cherry what was a poop sundae of a season. 

5. September 13: Jarvis Landry returns a punt 69 yards to win the Dolphins season opener

This was an even better play from the Phins season opening win against Washington — boy, did we have no idea what we were in store for based on this game's results. The Dolphins never seem to win in exciting fashion like this, so it stands out as a top play of 2015. You thought the Dolphins might be different after this day. Then more days came. 

4. July 2: Jose Fernandez blasts a homer in his return from Tommy John surgery

Welcome back, Jose. Everyone assumed Jose would return to his normal dominant left-handed presence on the mound, but nobody figured in his first game back he would smack a home run. Jose has a flare for the dramatic, though, and he proved it once again here. When Jose is gone — whether it be tonight or ten years later (LOL, JK, he's leaving so soon) — we'll always remember these sorts of plays. 

3. March 9: Chris Bosh addresses the Heat crowd following his recovery from lung blood clots

We love you so much, Boshy Q. Bear. 

Last season was an absolute disaster for the Miami Heat — it seemed as though every step they took forward, they would take two steps back. Just as it was announced the team had traded for Goran Dragic, the team found out Chris Bosh would miss the rest of the season from life-threatening blood clots in his lungs. Bosh was missing for a while as he got back to full strength during his recovery, but once he was able to get out of the hospital and attend a game, he gave this emotional speech to the crowd. It was a sigh of relief for those who have fallen in love with one of the greatest personalities in South Florida sports history. 

2. December 6: DeVante Parker climbs the defense and brings down a Tannehill bomb

Finally! After a mostly lost rookie season due to continued foot problems and apparent on the field growing pains Parker made a splash when he finally saw the field a few weeks ago on this stunning highlight touchdown grab over two defenders. This play will forever be either a tease of what Parker could have done, or a glimpse into what he will do in the future. Regardless, it was a shocking display of the play making ability. 

1. October 31: The Return

Down three with six seconds left, the University of Miami Hurricanes found themselves on the brink of yet another disappointing defeat; then all hell broke loose and Halloween night ended up being the most lit sports night of the entire year. T-shirts were printed and documentaries were made for a game against Duke in October — that's how you know something magical happened.  One can argue this play catapulted the Canes to a different season, one that finished quite positive despite their head coach getting fired mid-year.

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