The Silent Threat: Canadian Snowbirds Could Stay Longer in Florida Under Immigration Bill

As the U.S. Senate's immigration overhaul has inched forward, shepherded by our own Sen. Marco Rubio, South Floridians have hotly debated the most contentious issues: English-speaking requirements for immigrants, long wait periods for citizenship, a ban on LGBT benefits.

But it seems we've ignored a silent threat tucked into the bill for too long: an extra two months a year for Canadian snowbirds to hang out in South Florida.

That's right, America. If the Senate has its way, those Quebecois bikers flooding your favorite beachside tiki bar with their poutine and their Fin Du Monde will be allowed to stay up to eight months at a time in the U.S.

Canadians can currently travel to the U.S. without a visa, but can only stay for six months minus a day per year.

Dear Marco Rubio: These people, many of them do not even speak English as their first language. Do you realize this? They still pledge allegiance to the Queen. THE QUEEN. Not to mention that the mayor of their biggest city allegedly smokes crack cocaine and the mayor of Quebec's biggest town was just arrested this morning for corruption.

These are the people you want to give free rein to roam our beaches and corrupt our children with their "parliamentary democracy?"

Sure, half a million of them own property in Florida and they pumped about $4 billion into the economy last year. Plus there was that whole unfortunate incident where our governor accidentally pissed off the whole country with his Geneva Convention-violating driver's license laws, so we probably have some bridges to rebuild.

But is this about money, Marco Rubio? Or is this about freedom? Think about it.

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