The Same People Who Brought You Amendment Two Gear Up For Gay Adoption Fight

It's been a long time since we've heard from the folks at the Liberty Council, the religious right wing organization that played a huge role in Amendment Two -- the ban that threatens any recognition of homosexual commitment in Florida. Wonder what they're up to? Oh, doing everything in their power to uphold Florida's gay adoption ban, of course.

They're filing an amicus brief in support of the ban in advance of the impending supreme court showdown over the gay marriage ban that Miami-Dade judge Cindy Lederman overturned late, last year.

The law has also been upheld as constitutional by other Florida state courts of appeal. Although the decisions by the appeals courts are binding on the circuit judge, Judge Lederman lawlessly disregarded these legal precedents. Liberty Counsel's brief states that the Florida law is backed up by sound reasons to prefer that children be permanently adopted by homes that will provide the opportunity for a mom and a dad. Homosexual adoption, by its very nature, deprives children of ever having the opportunity of being reared by both a mother and a father.

First off, a lot of those legal precedents were based, at least in

part, on sodomy laws that were eradicated by the US Supreme Court.

Secondly, yes, it would be nice if every child everywhere was born into

a stable, married home and were raised by there biological parents, but

lets be real. An increasing number of children aren't, and many that

are wind up in that "you spend every other weekend with daddy and

new-Mommy, and the rest of the time with Mommy and her new 25 year old

boyfriend Kevin" situation down the road.

God damn you gay adoption, depriving the children of Florida of ever

having the opportunity to realize that your Mom is a practicing cougar.

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Kyle Munzenrieder