The Possible Running Mates Who Might Swing Florida

Veep announcements could come any second now, like half-way through the writing of this, rendering this post useless. The press has whittled down its collective predictions to a handful of names on each side, but which ones will have the most reverberations in Florida? So far polling data shows the Sunshine State is McCain's to lose, But a keen choice on either side could shake it up. Hit the "More" button at right see the Vice Presidential picks that could put Florida in the bag.

Barack Obama

His Best Florida Bet: Hillary Clinton. Logistically this has hot political mess written all over it, but Clinton trounced Obama by 17% in our imaginary primary. She also pulled some of her strongest numbers across the country amongst old folks and Latinos, two crucial voting blocks in Florida. Top Clinton fundraiser and Miami Lawyer Ira Leesfield told the St. Pete Times, "He can win Florida with Hillary Clinton on the ticket, and I don't think he can win it without her. With Hillary Clinton, he gets a bump in the Hispanic community and a bump in the Jewish community and a huge bump among women." He might have a point. Obama knows Clinton might be helpful to him in Florida, and today she made her first public appearance since suspending her campaign by stumping for Obama in South Florida.

Why It Might Not Happen: Ummm, where do we even start? The resentment? The ex-Prez hubby and two tons of baggage? The ever present fear that Hillary could burst into the Oval Office with a machine gun and claim it for herself? Besides, the press has written her off the list for the most part, or maybe not. Who knows? Shits a soap opera.

The Others: Indiana Senator Evan Bayh and Virginia Governor Tim Kaine hold little cache out of their home states. They're also both relatively young, which could scare off the olds.Delaware Senator Joe Biden wouldn't have to worry about this. Obama's second best Fl bet may be former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who could help shore up the Latino vote.

John McCain

The Best Florida Bet: Our heterosexual Governor Charlie Crist! He's fairly innocuous, and at times willing to be bipartisan. That's a habit that would mesh well with McCain. His Anderson Cooper-esque premature gray doesn't make McCain look too old in comparison, but he nevertheless brings a shot of youth to the ticket.

Why It Might Not Happen: Pundits say Charlie is trying way too hard for the spot. He even got engaged to dispel those nasty and totally untrue gay rumors that would give some conservative voters cause. The problem is his future bride is the natural enemy of those rednecks: a New York socialite.

The Others: Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman might bring in the Jewish vote and, in a strange twist of fate, some Sunshine State redemption to the Gore-Lieberman ticket of 2000.

Amazing, we got through the post and all that happened is Obama said he's picked a running mate. There's no name yet though, so blogger speculation on the topic remains valid.

-- Kyle Munzenrieder

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