The Perrine Spartan

Down south, between Pinecrest and Homestead, lies a place where boys don't run, don't cower, and certainly don't cry when it comes time to stand their ground. They call this poverty-stricken, bleak community Perrine. Here, banging fists in the street is as common as the ice cream truck coming down the block. Out of this ghetto burb comes Dhafir Harris, aka Dada 5000, a 32-year-old fight promoter who used to roll with Kimbo Slice, the Perrine native who parlayed his brutish street brawls on YouTube into a short-lived Mixed Martial Arts career. For the past year, Harris has been building up an underground, unsanctioned fight league in his mother's backyard. He hopes to take his brand of blood curdling, bone crunching, no-holds barred fisticuffs mainstream. Can he succeed? Read my cover story "No Fear" in this week's Miami New Times to find out.

Check out a video featuring Dhafir Harris after the jump.

-- Francisco Alvarado

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