The Lead Launches This Thursday

New York Times media critic David Carr had a column yesterday about the somber mood of a bon voyage party for longtime New York Observer editor Peter Kaplan and the much more frivolous atmosphere of a shindig held by a handful of new-media wunderkinds, complete with rooftop hot tubs and blaring house music on opposite sides of Manhattan during the same night. 

While an editor's exit capped with a dose of recent layoffs at that NYC weekly might heap on a little extra sadness, the state of insider print media parties lately always carries undertones of despair. Whether the company just couldn't afford a fete as lavish as years past, the fact that most of the people who had been there for those lavish soirees have been laid off or, more poignantly, that they've instituted a cash bar policy. 

So, it's quite rare that a print media launch party happens anywhere in America nowadays. The kind that signifies a new start, limitless possibilities, and all of that hoopla. Which is why the news that The Lead is officially off the ground comes with a bit of happiness. Even if the publication will be something of a New Times competitor. 

As we've reported, The Lead is a new community weekly targeting Miami Beach, helmed by ex-SunPosters Lee Molloy and Angie Hargot. 

The party kicks off this Thursday with a cocktail reception at Britto Central on Lincoln Road. Yes, Romero Britto will be in attendance (someone make sure he either stays away from the bar or has a ride home -- what? we couldn't be nice through the whole post), with an afterparty at Set. It's RSVP only, though. If you want to go, I'm sure you can get in, but that's up to you. 

That will also be the release date of the first issue of the paper as well as its website. 

P.S. Hey, look at that -- our promotions department is having a party the same night. Not the insider-y party that's sad and all, but a happy party with lots of sponsors that you should probably go to instead. Not that our staff parties are that sad.

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Kyle Munzenrieder