A steady downpour did not dampen the mood of the bloodthirsty crowd that came out to Dhafir Harris's back yard in Perrine this past Saturday.

About 100 spectators saw ten bare-knuckles brawlers put on a gruesome show -- which even featured a main event cage rematch between Whiteboy -- a fair-skinned Hialeah pugilist -- and Billy, a former member of South Dade gang Latin Syndicate, whose ex-leader Rene Martinez I profiled in this week's Miami New Times cover story. 

The Hialeah Champ and the Cuban Assassin Get It Done

Whiteboy knocked Billy out earlier this summer during a cage match at a Kendall warehouse. Despite promising to return the favor, Billy was again no match for Whiteboy, who taunted his opponent by dancing salsa inside the cage and blowing kiss at him before flattening Billy with two swift hooks.

The one-minute bout had the cartoonish feel of an old Popeye cartoon when the sailor would eat his spinach and then rope-a-dope Brutus. Check out the footage below and more fight videos after the jump.

In this bout, Blackout and Choo grapple MMA style.

Here we have Flaco and Javier just swinging wildly, grabbing and pulling each other in a bonafide street brawl.

In this video Sergio aka "The Cuban Asassin" ends his bout quickly with a kick to his opponent's face.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.