The point in using this picture was "haha, McCain, McCheese, they both have big meat heads." But then I realized that Mayor McCheese has more executive experience than McCain and Obama combined, and by Sarah Palin's logic, should be president forever.

The Debate is On! Where To Watch?

After all that nonsense, the debate is on! Hurrah!

But because everything in this town is a social event you can't just sit around at home in your pajamas watching it. Barack Obama's website lists over 91 watch parties for supporters in the area. McCain's has a few listed too, but only two with in 10 miles of New Time's 33137 area code. This is maybe because Republicans are honoring their candidate's courage to never learn how to use a computer, and are spreading word about debate watch parties through smoke signals. If anyone knows of any other parties going on in the area, let us know, or put them in the comments. We've got more info on a few listed after the jump.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

For Obama:

  • Joe Garcia Watch Party, 9 p.m., Casavana Restaurant, Town & Country, 8202 Mills Drive, Miami, FL 33183
  • South Beach Debate Watch Party , 7 p.m., Tap Tap Haitian Restaurant, 819 Fifth Street, Miami Beach

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