The Daily Show Slams Marco Rubio's SOTU Response

Another reason why being chosen to give the State of the Union rebuttal is a thankless task: You're guaranteed to get made fun of on The Daily Show.

Or as Jon Stewart put it last night, "The State of the Union rebuttal is most often handed to a rising party star, whose star, according to tradition, quickly falls following his State of the Union rebuttal."

Yes, Stewart tore into Rubio on last night's show.

Stewart also painted the choice of Rubio as a cynical way for Republicans to pander to Hispanics, particularly highlighting Sen. John McCain's differing responses to Obama's mention of immigration reform this year and last.

And while obviously Stewart took on Water-bottle-gate, he also dug into the content of Rubio's speech. Stewart took Rubio for task for claiming that Obama didn't offer a new plan on Medicare, when, you know, he actually did offer a new plan on Medicare just minutes before.

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Kyle Munzenrieder