The '72 Dolphins Got to Pop Champagne Extra Early This Year

The '72 Miami Dolphins will get to hold on to their records as the last NFL team to have a perfect season for another year. It's only week 5, but already every team has suffered the agony of defeat. With the Kansas City Chiefs 19-9 to the Colts, Mercury Morris, Larry Csonka and the rest of the team got to pop their hypothetical bottles of champagne. The population of Perfectville still remains one.

Last year, we had to wait until week 16, when the Colts themselves purposefully flopped a game, until their were no unbeaten teams left. This year it only took five weeks.

That should be a pleasant reminder to the '10 Dolphins, who sit 2-2 after a pair of demoralizing home losses to division rivals, that the season is far from over and they only have one more loss than even the best team.

As for that fabled '72 Dolphins toast, would have you believe that it's merely an urban legend. That the team does not actually buy a bottle of '72 champagne before each season and keep it on hand until the last team gets its first loss. But, would also have you believe that there's not such thing as Santa Claus. So...

We just have to wonder though how long until someone starts a rumor that the '72 Dolphins start popping champagne every time the James-Wade-Bosh Heat lose their first game of the season.

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Kyle Munzenrieder