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Texans Picked Up Dolphins' "Snap Count" From Hard Knocks

Did the Miami Dolphins give away valuable secrets by appearing on HBO's Hard Knocks? Well, linebacker J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans told NBC Radio's Pro Football Talk that he was able to pick up Ryan Tannehill's snap count from watching the game.

The snap count! Dear God no, not the snap count! Wait, what the fuck is the snap count again?

It's that thing where the quarterback yells out like "Green 28, hut, hut, hut" to indicate when he wants the center to snap the ball. It gives the offense a slight advantage of knowing when the ball is actually in play over the defense. It sounds complicated, but it's really not. 

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This is football. Not international espionage. Usually, it's varied throughout the game, but we imagine it would be a bit harder to change up when you're relying on a no huddle offense like the Dolphins are now.

"You can't really pick up too much from watching that show, but I got their snap count," Watt told PFT.

Now bloggers have picked up on the quote, and are saying it might end Hard Knocks forever. Seriously, like, here, here and here.

Now, before you go and curse the Dolphins for appearing on the show and giving up their precious snap count, also know that Watt said it didn't help him that much.

He said it's relatively easy to pick up on a QB's snap count by watching pre-season games.

"Once the game gets going, you pick it up anyways, so it wasn't a huge advantage, but any little thing can help," Watts added.

So, Watts is saying there are quite a few ways to get a handle on the opposing team's snap count. He just happened to pick up on it by watching Hard Knocks.

Rest assured, the fact Watts picked up on the snap count was mixed in with a sea of other Dolphin's woes that contributed to this loss.

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