Ten Things That Made Us Proud to Be a Miamian In 2012

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10. The Dolphins cheerleaders made the definitive lip dub of "Call Me Maybe"

For a song that was covered, parodied, and lip dubbed on YouTube approximately 578,927 times, it's pretty impressive that our own Dolphins cheerleaders managed to make the one that got the most intention. Even more impressive that a bunch of US Troops stationed in Afghanistan made a shot-by-shot remake.

9. Proving to everyone our dedication to democracy by surviving five-hour voting lines.

People may make fun of us for our particular brand of democracy in the 305, but we proved our dedication to voting this year by waiting in lines in the hot Florida sun for hours on end, in some cases until two in the morning. Our local politicians and officials came off looking bad, but our local voters deserve a gold star in addition to that "I voted" for not abandoning the lines in mass.

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Kyle Munzenrieder