Ten Reasons Miami Still Loves Chris Bosh

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7. Bosh is the Dad you always wanted but couldn't have because your Mom is selfish.

Chris Bosh seems like the coolest Dad, sometimes I like to imagine what it would be like if he was my Dad; then I realize that would be weird because we are about the same age. It wouldn't have to be weird, but people would totally judge us at the mall.

6. Just look at that face, look at it. Do not deny yourself that face.

Look at the face. Drink it in. This reason is just that face.

5. Chris Bosh is more Miami than most people that live in Miami.

Seriously, Chris Bosh came here from Toronto, cut off his dreads, and the next thing you know he's playing polo and speaking Spanish stage-side at fashion shows — what have you done that is more Miami than that? Chris Bosh is fancy as hell.

4. Boshy Bear is hilarious.

Even when Chris Bosh isn't trying to be funny, funny things just end up happening — he's the most entertaining player in the NBA. I wish I had a Boshy Bear to play with as a kid.

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