Ted Kennedy: A South Florida (Not So) Elegy

Okay, I acknowledge Ted Kennedy did great things in the US Senate. He was a leader and a charmer.Health care would probably be done by now if he hadn't suffered, then died last night, from a brain tumor.

But, like everybody else, he showed his dirty side down here in the subtropics. Back in 1991, he accompanied his nephew, serial lady abuser William Kennedy Smith, to Au Bar in Palm Beach. The younger Kennedy, then age 30, picked up 29 year old Patricia Bowman and brought her back to the Kennedy compound, where Bowman claimed he raped her. Of course, Kennedy Smith was later acquitted, but you gotta blame the uncle for the morass. He was the old man. He was along for the ride, He shoulda known better, given his background with the messy drowning of Mary Jo Kopechne in Martha's Vineyard.

Miami Attorney Roy Black made his name defending Kennedy Smith -- who like his uncle has gone on to do great things. he later went on to defend Miami coip William Lozano after the 1989 Super Bowl riots and Rush Limbaugh on drug charges.

Good-bye Teddy Kennedy. You were a force for good in politics. Just wish you would have shown better judgment in your personal life. Had you done so, we might not have had to suffer through two failed Bush presidencies.


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