Teaching Warren Sapp and Michael Irvin To Avoid Dangerous Ladies

Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness once made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New Times. Up this week, Luke

dissects how superstar athletes fall for the pussy trap.

I have to give credit to the

Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office for dropping a domestic violence misdemeanor

against Warren Sapp, one of many former Miami Hurricanes football players whom

I call my friend. Sapp, a seven-time Pro Bowler for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,

was arrested this past February 6 before the Super Bowl here in Miami.

A woman

he had been dating accused him of choking and pushing her, causing her to fall

awkwardly. She claimed to be hurt so badly that she had to limp through the

hotel lobby with an unknown man helping her.

Turns out she wasn't being


I read the assistant state prosecutor's close-out memo. Witnesses said

she was "walking in high-heeled stilettos and acting in a jovial manner" as she

left the Shore Club. The hotel's video surveillance backed up their accounts.

Whatever happened in that hotel room, it didn't go down the way she described


When the incident occurred, I came out in Sapp's defense. I also defended

Michael Irvin, another ex-Hurricane who the same week was sued by a woman

claiming he raped her. Charges were never pressed against him. I defended both of them

because I knew they were the real victims.

Sapp and Irvin, like Kobe

Bryant and Tiger Woods, fell for the pussy trap -- when a woman looking for an

easy payday woos a superstar athlete or celebrity by catering to his ego. Eddie

Murphy described the pussy trap in his stand-up movie. "They catch you with the

pussy is what they do," Eddie explained.

And I have warned a lot of ballers

before they turn pro about this trap. I told Sapp about it. I've told ex-Seattle

Seahawks running back Edgerrin James about it. I've told Minnesota Vikings

offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie about it.

I've taken guys to the club

to show them how it unfolds: A big-time professional athlete has his own VIP

table. He's buying bottles left and right. A group of girls will parade back

and forth until he invites them to join him. A girl will start talking to him,

telling him she doesn't know anything about football or basketball or whatever

sport he plays, how she is not a party girl.

That's the one you have to be

leery of because she will do the one-night stand and the next day expect more,

like a relationship. And when the athlete tells her he is not interested, she

hollers rape!

Famous players fall for the

pussy trap time and again because they want to believe they are in control. It

doesn't work that way. The woman has the advantage. Look at Tiger. All of his

mistresses turned on him as soon as they found out he had more than one girl on

the side.

Then you have the gold

diggers who have children with superstar athletes and use the kids as tools for

revenge. Trust me -- I know. I learned the hard way. I have kids with three

different gold diggers. Those women are the worst. They go into family court

and paint the father as the bad guy. Even if the dad is trying to play a role

in his kid's life, the baby mama won't let it happen.

The Miami-Dade State

Attorney's Office looked at all the facts before rushing into indicting Sapp.

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