Suspect in Killing of Florida Teen Says, "I Believe That I'm a Vampire and Part Werewolf"

Back in July, Panama City, Florida teen Jacob Hendershot was missing for weeks before his naked body was found dead inside a storm drain. Now one of four suspects in the case claims she's a vampire.

"Since I was like 12 every fiber in my body basically everything, I know this is going to be crazy, but I believe that I'm a vampire and part werewolf," 18-year-old Stephanie Pistey said in a jailhouse interview with WJHG.

Pistey claims that 16-year-old Hendershot, an ex-boyfriend, had raped her. Three of her male friends, 17-year-old William Henry Chase, 25-year-old Joel Millsap and 20-year-old James Gay, are alleged to have lured Hendrshot to a house to extract their revenge. They're accused of brutally beating the teen to death before stripping him naked, throwing his clothes in a bay, and dumping his body in the storm drain. His throat had been cut, and his body showed signs of strangling.

Rumors, started by the Facebook postings of the suspects, spread around the Panhandle town that they may have been involved in some sort of Vampire cult.

Pistey, who has been charged as an accessory to murder, but did provide police with information on the whereabouts of Hendershot's body, partially confirmed the rumors in her jailhouse interview. Besides revealing her belief that she's part-vampire and part-werewolf, she also admitted to having drank the blood of her boyfriend and co-defendant Chase. She denies however that she drank Hendershot's blood, despite having posted on her Facebook, "Yea were merryied and hes going to die hes the one that killed jacob hendershot well i let him i wanted the blood." She claimed the account had been hacked.

She also says that none of the other suspects shared her "curse" of being a vampire.

"Jacob didn't deserve to die," said Pistey. I didn't even know he was going to die, but I honestly knew that they were going to beat him up and in my opinion he deserved to get the shit beat out of him. He didn't deserve to die."

Pistey has been charged with accessory to murder. Gay faces charges of aggravated battery, while Chase and Millsap face murder charges. Other arrests are expected to be made in the case. Police believe as many as seven people either knew of or were involved in the crime.

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