Survey: Republicans Are Sick of Hearing About Trayvon Martin

The reaction to the Trayvon Martin shooting has deeply divided Americans. According to a new Pew Research Center, African Americans and Democrats say they are following the case closely, while whites and Republicans are more likely to say that the case is getting too much media attention.

The poll shows that 56 percent of Republicans say the case is receiving too much media coverage, while only 25 percent of Democrats feel the same way. Though, 33 percent of white Democrats feel it is getting too much attention.

Meanwhile, 43 percent of all whites think the case is getting too much attention, while only 16 percent of African Americans feel that way; 37 percent of all Americans feel the case is getting too much coverage.

Of blacks surveyed, 58 percent say they are following the case more closely than any other news story. Only 24 percent of whites and 19 percent of Republicans agree.

It's an interesting, but obvious divide. Perhaps Republicans are more likely to play down the story because it shines a light at Republican authored gun rights and self defense laws.

Though, Pew suggests that if anything the case isn't getting enough attention.

Thirty percent of Americans say it's the most interesting story in the news right now, but it's only receiving 18 percent of overall news coverage. Only 15 percent of Americans say the Supreme Court's health care law hearings are the most important story, but its receiving 19 percent of the coverage.

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