Surprisingly Sane: Miami Only Number 48 on Craziest Cities List

We live in the weird news capital of the country, what sometimes goes on at city hall could be qualified as insane, and we're certainly home to more than a few out-of-this-world characters, but Miami isn't anywhere close to the craziest city in America. In fact, according to nonscientific ratings by the Daily Beast, we're only number 48 out of 57 cities surveyed.

Adding more proof to the surprising fact that Miami isn't much of a drinking town, we came in number 56 out of 57 in the drinking category, which was based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

Though you probably didn't know we are "eccentric."

Miami's highest ratings in the four categories was in "eccentricity." We're number 14, based on how "crazy, wacky, and weird." That sounds about right.

For psychiatrists per capita we came in 48th, and in the stress category, we came in near the middle, at 26.

Taking top honors was Cincinnati, while Salt Lake City sits at the bottom as America's most sane city.

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