SunPost Soldiers On

Perhaps Wednesday you picked up your New Times and saw that the "The SunPost is Setting." Then on Thursday, if you could find it, you picked up your SunPost to learn that indeed "The SunPost is Rising..." Which is it? Well, suns always set before they rise.

Co-Publisher Kim Stark has chosen herself as the next Executive Editor and the paper relies on a stable of freelancers to get by. The 24 page issue starts off with a letter from Kim promising new features, and a redesigned website and a new blog (good idea!). Page 8 features a new column by Michael Sasser, the papers editor during its editorial's height, called "People In The Community You Should Know." It's a profile of a the director of early childhood education at a private school. Then a two column feature on the under-constructing New World Symphony's future home,a calendar with a total of 8 entries (all in large font with big pictures), John Hood's book column (still a decent read), a 100 word art article, Then a small piece about reverse mortgages. That's it.

Not a peep on the Miami Beach government. No hard news. No opinionated columns. At least the paper caries on in name, keeping any hopes of a return to glory alive.

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