Sun-Sentinel Shocker: People On The Internet Have Blogs

Frankly, I think the real story here is that this lady is going to sell these shirts.

Did you see the lead story in today's Sun-Sentinel local section? Our Broward brother, Bob Norman, sure did, and lawd hammercy is he super-pissed that those words were committed to paper, let alone printed in a newspaper. His head may have exploded.

It's about Tami Nantz, a Coral Springs mom, who started a pro-Palin blog. Did you know that this Internet thing allows anyone to write whatever they want? BREAKING NEWS!

This is all very exciting to the Sun-Sentinel apparently.In the coming week they will continue documenting this new frontier -- people doing things with their computer. Look for stories like "Teen Girl Posts Shirtless Picture of Joe Jonas on Her MySpace" and "YouTube: Is Your Family Safe?".

The writer, Anthony Man, interviews UM Political Scientist Joseph Uscinski (I took his media class, by the by, good stuff) who concedes, "People who look at blogs look at ones they agree with. They go to those blogs to get reinforcement for their own beliefs."

AKA this little blog does not matter, and should not be the lead local story.

Also, as a side note this lady is unsurprisingly humorless. She left a comment for Norman chastising his spelling after he ripped her a new one.

"Hi Bob, thought I'd spend a moment and provide you with a brief English lesson. Lesson one, "lede" is spelled lead. Lesson two, "new fangled internets" should read, "new fangled internet. I'm not familiar with the plural of internet but maybe it's interni? Ask Gore, he should know, since he invented the internet. And finally, third, "so that's how she defends Palin's critics." Hmmm, funny, I thought I was defending Palin from her critics. Did you really read my blog? So much for a poorly written piece. Hey Bob, from a lowly housewife, go back to sleep or flip on CNN (read: The Communist News Network) and suck your thumb for comfort. This home schooling mom will have plenty to gloat about when you and Barrack Hussein Obama are drowning your sorrows in a steaming cup of mocha frappo latte down at the local liberal coffee house. Don't take this personally, Bob. May the best man and woman win."

First off "lede" is fancy journalism lingo, because all journalists are liberal elitists who have no desire to use simple human talk. This is 100% true.

Second, "internets" is a word created by our God and Holy Savior George W. Bush in a 2004 debate against noted baby eater John Kerry in which he famously said "rumors on the internets". In turn the liberal media got together in their secret underground, communist gay sex dungeon and decided this is something we should snicker at for the next four years. Seriously, INTERNETS. It is still funny. Thank you very much.

Third, if you really feel the urge to correct the grammar and spelling of local bloggers than by all means bring you're attention over hear.

Also another commenter on the blog named "Palin 4 President" gives us this line: "We want somebody like us. Somebody who attends PTA meetings and shoots moose and deals with teenage pregnant daughters."

I dunno about you guys, but I want someone who can get us out of Iraq, fix health care, and can explain to me what the hell this whole Lehman Brothers fiasco means.

And wait a second: how many fucking people are there who shoot moose and have pregnant daughter and attend PTA meetings? Someone find me one person who does all of those three things whose name is not Sarah Palin. Find her quickly, because she'd probably be a better veep than Palin.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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Kyle Munzenrieder