Sudden Bo Pelini Rumors Prove Miami's Coach Search isn't Quite Hopeless

With the Gruden myth shattered, and Dan Mullen rumors now centering on Florida, it seemed like Miami's chance of capturing a blue chip coach were quickly diminishing. Then, today, out of left field came rumors that Miami was maybe, possibly talking to Nebraska coach Bo Pelini. If anything, it proves Miami can still reel in a big catch. As much as the national press wants to downplay the current prestige of Miami's program, let's remember, folks, what happened here in the past wasn't a mistake. This is still Miami and it can happen again, easily. Any smart coach would recognize that. 

So, Bo Pelini is the third year head coach of Nebraska. He's lead his team to two straight ten win seasons and three straight division championships. His on-the-field record is better than most of the other coaches floating out there in rumor space.

The Miami Herald reported last night that Miami AD Kirby Hocutt planned to speak to Pelini. Though, a series of not-quite-denials from Pelini and a statement from Nebraska AD Tom Osbourne put the report in question. Though, The Sun-Sentinel reports that Pelini and Hocutt have spoken. The report also adds that interest in Dan Mullen and Temple's Al Golden have also subsided, while UConn's Randy Edsall and Texas Tech's Tommy Tuberville remain in the mix.

In other words, no one really knows what the hell is going on.

Whatever the case though, it's clear that Miami's search is still o n full throttle and that Hocutt and UM President Donna Shalala aren't just going to settle for whoever the hell is around.

For one of the more sane takes on the whole thing check out AllCanes' take on the coaching search circus.

We'd like to add a few things to that, mostly addressed at the naysayers who say Miami isn't what it once was, and won't be again. Those who point to the fact that Miami plays in an off-campus pro-stadium and don't have the fanciest of training facilities.

Sure, on-campus stadiums and nice facilities are great and all, but what Miami has to offer can't be built.

It's the hometown team of one of the nation's most fertile recruiting grounds. It's a city any young recruit would love to spend the next four of five years of his life. It has a beautiful campus. It has five national championships and a ridiculous amount of pro-alumni. It's even now got academics. How many schools that rank higher than Miami on US News' college rankings have football teams that matter? USC, Notre Dame, Wisconsin (the only one that actually mattered this year), Texas, Michigan and a few of our ACC cohorts (if you're feeling generous).

Miami will always have a lot to offer recruits, and by extension a coach. Whether it's Pelini, one of the other mentioned candidates or someone completely off the radar, Miami still have has a chance to hire a quality head coach. Any candidate would be missing a big opportunity if he turned them down.

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Kyle Munzenrieder