Jose D. Duran

StreetWorks - Sun-Bleached Mural

When it seems like I've exhausted all of Wynwood, I stumble upon this mural along NW 6th Avenue. I slammed on my brakes and sat in my car for a minute thinking, "How the hell could I have missed this?" It was enormous, wrapping around a property that took up the entire block.

Jose D. Duran

It seems like the three-sided mural has been there for a while, since the colors look muted when compared to more freshly painted works. Also, some of the designs were dated, the oldest one I could find being 2003. That makes this mural at least 5 years old - 5 years! That's like 100 in graffiti years. You'd expect this to be tagged and painted over by now.

Jose D. Duran

Well, that's not to say that it hasn't been defaced by others. There were obvious signs that some of the designs on the wall weren't done by the original artist or artists. Sloppy work and different aesthetics make it abundantly clear that someone else decided their skills deserved to be superimposed over the mural.

Jose D. Duran

Despite the handiwork of others, most of the mural remains intact. However, the south side of the wall is suffering from weather damage, with the paint already starting to peel off and curl back.

- Jose D. Duran

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