Jose D. Duran
Mural on the side the Margulies Collection at NW 6th Avenue.

StreetWorks - Mural at the Margulies Collection

So when I woke up last week to find a subject to feature, this was originally what I had in mind. The mural, on the side of the warehouse that holds the Margulies Collection, is located on NW 6th Avenue between NW 27th and 28th Streets. Driving north on I-95, you can barely see the top half.

Jose D. Duran

A chain-link with barbwire strewn atop protect it from being painted over. It also made for photographing any details rather difficult. My only option was to stick my lens through the fence and capture whatever I could.

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Jose D. Duran

I can't always decipher graffiti script, but of the ones imposed over the hundreds (or thousands, but whose counting?) of sleepy eyes, I could make out the words "Bospy," "Relax," and "Bix." Also written at a much smaller scale were what I presume are names, perhaps of the artists, such as "Cox" and "Crisy."

If you are ever around the area, pull over and check it out. Trust me, you could sit there for hours observing all the minute details.

- Jose D. Duran

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